QLOCKTWO Wall Clock with VANILLA SUGAR Acrylic Faceplate - Pewter & Black
QLOCKTWO Wall Clock with VANILLA SUGAR Acrylic Faceplate - Pewter & Black

QLOCKTWO Wall Clock with VANILLA SUGAR Acrylic Faceplate

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Presenting time in an innovative yet natural fashion, the QlockTwo Classic wall clock has an obvious appeal; both minimalist and complex in a manner that has earned it numerous prestigious design awards.

Featuring an array of 110 stencil-style backlit letters, the clock attractively presents time in written form in five-minute increments, allowing it to be read aloud and communicated in a simple and effective manner. Four dots at the outside corners indicate how many minutes past the written time you currently are, when greater accuracy is called for.
The clock features manual and automatic brightness adjustment with an ambient light sensor, inclusive hardware for either freestanding or wall-mounted installation and the optional ability to set the time using an integrated smartphone app.

This version features a lightweight wooden case with durable lacquer coating and a glossy acrylic faceplate in white, held to the body with strong, easy to use magnets.

 QlockTwo Classic clocks and their interchangeable faceplates are also available in a selection of other display languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and 17 others. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this clock or a faceplate in a language other than English.

Please note: For technical reasons, Arabic faceplates are only compatible with a specific Arabic version of the clock, and neither are interchangeable with other versions.

Delivery – 2-3 working days

Brand QlockTwo
Model  QlockTwo Classic Digital Word-Clock
Faceplate White Acrylic Glass
Dimensions (Body Only) 450mm × 450mm × 22mm
Body Material Wood with Durable White Lacquer
Functions Perpetual Calendar, Adjustable Brightness, Ambient Light Sensor, Smartphone Integration
Includes 5V USB Power Supply, 2.20m Braided Mini-USB Cable, Acrylic Glass Base, Wall Mount
Warranty Manufacturer's International Warranty