Noomoon Watch Straps


Noomoon is a Swiss company that has designed one of the cleverest looking watch straps that we have ever seen.   

It's called the LABB, which is labeled as the one and only completely 'Loop-less And Buckle-less Band' for your watch.

I have been trying it out on my Apple watch as they come with two fixing options, quick release spring bars and the Apple Watch attachments. Both are easy to use and require no specialist tools when fitting to your watch. Although I chose to try out the Apple Watch straps the spring bar straps look great on loads of watches.  I liked the Light Blue on the Hamilton Jazzmaster  and the black strap on the Tag Heuer Formula 1


Designed by Benjamin Hubert, the LABB by Noomoon was designed to be functional, soft, and waterproof. The strap is made from fluoroelastomer, which is a soft rubber material that is made to be worn without stretching or damage and it is self sealing. 

 As I mentioned previously, the strap has no clasps, loops or buckles  so I wondered how well it would stay fastened on the wrist, especially if exercising. ( yes I know, hard to believe but I do now go to the gym!)  But once placed on my wrist all I do is align the 2 bands up evenly, and simply take my thumb and press down on firmly for the straps to mesh together.

Think of the straps as a new type of Velcro in a sense where one end interlock with each other in order to give you a tight form fit on your wrist.

In terms of comfort, it feels like it was meant for the Apple Watch.

When it’s on my wrist, I can go from work directly to the gym without having to switch watches or watch straps.   I am happy that the strap will keep my watch on my wrist securely.  I also like the diamond shaped holes in the design as it allows the strap to be breathable and let the sweat evaporate.  Also, as it's made of rubber it is easy to wash and keep hygienic.

Using iit at work when typing, the strap sits comfortably flat without any annoying clasp or buckle to catch on the desk or dig into my wrist.  This makes it pretty comfortable to wear for the whole day.

Taking the band off is as simple as just taking one end and peeling it off and it is great for everyday wear as well as when exercising. I especially like the blue as I live in jeans and this goes with mostly everything.  However it is also possible to mix and match the colours depending on the look you wish to have.  I think the white will be my favourite when the summer arrives.

I am sure that there will be more colours in the future, but the seven colours already available are great and there is something there for everybody. 


This is a unisex strap so the spring bar straps are currently available in 18, 20 and 22mm.

The Apple strap is available in both the smaller 38mm and the 40mm.  The Apple attachments are also available in both Black and Silver.

This strap is so light and comfortable that it has become one of my favourites. I like the fact it is so wearable, easy to use, a great design and as an added bonus I love the fact it is so tactile and great to fidget with!!