So you want to buy a luxury watch ...

For many decades the women’s watch market was sidelined, a sideshow almost. Many women’s watches were too often merely downsized versions of mens watches with perhaps some diamonds or semi-precious stones thrown in to make them more ‘feminine’. 

But times are changing!!

Women are now far more discerning about the watches they buy and there are now more women buying their own watches, not just receiving them as gifts or for special occasions.

There are also increasing numbers of female watch collectors and women designers in the industry, which is only good for women and the watches available to them

Still, a luxury wristwatch is one of the most important personal purchases you will ever make and iconic brands, luxury materials, and a large price tag mean that a high-end timepiece is much more than a fashion buy – it’s a serious style investment.
An emotive accessory that helps to define something of your personal taste and add a serious statement to your everyday look.

 How do you know what watch is right for you?

Once you have decided to invest in a special watch, the choice can still be overwhelming.  The best advice is to stop and do your homework. Try to get a handle on the key brands, the right design for you and your lifestyle and how to recognise quality.

We can help too! Please let us know what you are looking for we are are a Website for women, run by women, so we'd  always be happy to guide you through the important information you need to make an educated buying decision.

Women's luxury watch designs 

Finding a watch style to fall in love with is a very personal process. From delicate jewellery watches to heavier sporty styles, there is a women’s luxury wrist watch for every taste. Many brands now offer designs that are unisex, meaning there is no need to be confined to ‘women’s’ collections.

Design factors to consider can include the size and shape of the watch face, strap design and material, colour, and embellishments.

A square face can look neat and elegant, where a larger, round face has a sporty utilitarian feel.

A bracelet strap crafted in precious metals hits a glamorous note while traditional leather feels simple and chic.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to selecting a luxury watch design – you simply need to find a watch that fits into your personal style and comfort. 

You may like one style of watch but once you try it on it looks wrong.  Consider the size of your wrist, your skin tone and the clothes that you wear. You may find yourself choosing a completely different type of watch to one you originally thought you wanted!!

 What makes a high quality watch so special?

Well-known watch brands are not everything. Some high-end luxury watches may just not be to your liking or within your budget. Some designer watches such as Emporio Armani  and Calvin Klein are great as they have Swiss movements and are well priced high-quality watches.

Take care with some fashion watches though, because you can sometimes pay just for the name and be ripped off with a cheap watch that won't last.

One way to ensure quality though is to choose a well-known, luxury Swiss brand. You should take the time to look at the materials a watch is made from.

Precious metals and embellishments showcasing high-value gems, like diamonds, are a mark of excellence. Watches in precious metal should have a PVD coating to prevent tarnishing and stainless steel models should have a high level of purity. Other high-quality models may be made from titanium or ceramic.

Look for sapphire glass in the watch face as this is much more durable and less susceptible to scratches than mineral or crystal glass.

Another important factor in the quality of a luxury watch is the movement. Generally, affordable, good-quality watches will have a quartz movement. Mechanical, automatic movements are normally reserved for use in luxury watches and represent a higher level of craftsmanship and intricacy than quartz movements.

Finally, take in the overall look and finish of the watch. A high-quality watch should be finished beautifully and have balance and symmetry. The more time you spend examining high-quality watches, the easier it will become to spot the tell-tale signs of quality.

In addition to all this, the packaging the watch comes in will assure you that it is the genuine article.  The box, packaging and the papers or cards will confirm model and serial numbers, date of purchase, warrantee information and gemstone authenticity (if applicable)

Celebrities and watches

Brand ambassadors include Cindy Crawford for Omega, Bella Hadid for Tag Heuer and Kate Winslet for Longines say a lot about a brand’s values and image.  But so so people such as Victoria Beckam and her Rolex Daytona, the Duchess of Cambridge and her Cartier Ballon Blue and Michelle Obama with her Cartier Tank Francaise.  Women you identify with can have great influence in the watch you choose.  However if you choose a watch you love and its within your own budget you will always be happy.

Caring for your luxury watch.

Once you have chosen your luxury watch then it is important to care for it properly. Not only does this mean ensuring it is properly insured against theft and damage but also keeping it cleaned and well maintained.

Remember, your luxury watch is an investment and one that is likely to be with you for years to come and perhaps an heirloom in time, so treat your timepiece with the love and care it deserves.

so....Are you ready to invest in a timepiece that reflects who you are?